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Tablet plan, $10/ 4GB

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I really have to report this awful customer service I received at Lansdowne Mall Fido Retail Store in Vancouver, BC today, Dec 1, 2019 around 3pm. I lined up for almost half hour to inquire for $10/ month free Samsung Tablet plan which they have on the board displayed outside of the store. Then, the Fido Customer Representative all of the sudden asked me "That's only for Fido Extra Customer and selected customers only. Did you receive it or did you receive text message from Fido? If not, there is no such thing." I told her that I was a Fido customer but did not receive such message in Fido Extra in my APP. Then, she said "well, then you dont have that. There's no such thing for you." 


I was like....? hun??? Then, they should not mislead the customers!!! When I went to Best Buy at the same mall, they told me there is such thing as $10/4GB/month. I am so confused. I am loyal Fido customer and I just wanted to add a tablet as it's such a great deal and inquire if there's other tablet i don't even want to deal with any retail store anymore...


The WORST Fido "Retail Store" Customer service I have ever received!!fido.JPG



Hey @Linda413


This is definitely not the kind of experience we aim for and I'd be happy to clarify this with you. We do have a 4Gb Data Only plan for $10 that can be paired with a tablet line. The promo you saw at the store is targeting specific accounts and is offering the Data Only plan for free for 24 months. It can only be redeemed in store. 


If you are interested in getting a tablet with the 4Gb Data Only plan for $10, you can get it by contacting our customer service here


I hope it clarifies. Smiley