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Plan change and data proration

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi I’ve just changed my plan from 1GB at $35 per month to 4GB at $40 while I still got four days left for my current billing cycle. I understand that the bill will be pro-rate for my four days usage of the new plan, but I also wonder will the data also get pro-rated as well? (meaning I will be entitled to 4GB*(4/30days)

When I was checking my fido app, the data limit has changed from 1G to 4G already. Given it is nearly the end of the cycle, I was supposed to have 0.22GB left by today without the plan change, so I just want to know what will be my data limit for the next four days if someone can help me out.



Hey @tedcc


When changing from a plan to another plan with a greater data bucket, you will get the higher of the 2 usage buckets for the full cycle if you are moving between Fido Pulse Plans. Monthly services fees are still prorated based on the effective date of the plan, but usage on the next bill is calculated based only on the higher voice and data bucket.


Hope it clarifies!