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Setup fee on existing account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I updgraded my phone during the Black Friday promotions at the Costco Kiosk, and no mention was made of a service fee. Last year my husband ordered a phone too and he was not charged the service fee. Even on the Fido promotional material, i did not see any service fee being mentioned. Kindly reverse these charges since this item was bought during a promotion



Hello @sabeensattar,


The fee is normally charged when doing any activation or upgrade using any other method that self-serve on


With that being said sometimes stores would have promotions where the fee would be waived and what generally happens is you will be charged the fee on your first invoice and then you will receive a credit on your 2nd or 3rd invoice.


Since you did this through a third-party reseller you will need to contact them if they did not explain that a fee would apply.