SMS not working- IPhone 7

SMS not working- IPhone 7

SMS not working- IPhone 7

I'm a Participant Level 3

SMS not working- IPhone 7

I can't send SMS, although I can receive it. I tried everything I found online and no success. I moved to Fido recently.

thank you!

I'm a Participant Level 3


I have Iphone 7 and I has happened since day one (usually I send Imessages and it's fine). I have tried:

1- reset network;

2 turn phone off/ on

3- called *#5005*7672# (I found it at Fido cimmunity) and I got the message "error performing request Unkow error".

Thank you.



Hello Cmokuta17,


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  Firstly, I am personally not that familiar with iPhones. However, this is some information I've come across in my research on your situation. I'm not sure if that code to display the short message service centre (SMSC) works in later iOS versions (see here). Have you tried to change the SMSC? As far as I can tell, the code to change the number still works. Judging by the informationtion posted here, to change the number you can use:


**5005*7672*NUMBER#   where NUMBER is the mobile carrier message centre.
Fido's SMSC is +1-514-993-1123 (see here).
  So you might consider trying: **5005*7672*15149931123# 
  That said, someone else posting to the Apple discussion forums noted that iPhones do not use SMSC like android phones. They suggest updating carrier settings (see here). I understand you reset your network. Had you also updated the carrier settings? It's possible that since you recently switched to Fido, your phone still has the settings from your previous provider.
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I'm a Participant Level 3

Unfortunetly, nothing woked. I'll have to call support =/
Thank you anyway, cheers!

Hello @cmokuta17,


Are you able to use all your other services? 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Yes I am.

I recommend you try contacting our technical support team since they will have more in-depth troubleshooting methods.


You can reach them by dialing *611 on your phone.


Hope this helps. 

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Hey @cmokuta17!


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I have a few questions for you:


-What type of phone do you have?


-How long has this been going on?


-What steps have you taken in order to get this resolved on your end?


Let us know!