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Dissatisfied on New Expiry Date

I'm back
I'm back

Attention: Policy Department on Refill Renewal 


When called to prepay for another year of my contract two days before the expiry on Nov 12, 2020, I was told the new expiry date will be Nov 10, 2021 after payment, what?

I was being proactive to renew my contract before the expiry date, I'd end up causing "short change" of two days of my existing contract because of my payment will be applied immediately for a new contract date!

After both my wife and I spoke with the supervisor on Oct 12 (interaction ID I1575044245) it was very disappointing to hear "this is the policy", nothing more to offer! 

Certainly as a consumer it doesn't make any sense to be diligent and to make sure my contract is renewed prior to expiry, instead I'd be penalized and cut short on my exisitng contract even though I paid for the full  year last year, does it?  Frustrated and such nuisance but to make another call today to make my payment without losing my two days! 

If you were to renew your car/house insurance or any contract before its expiry date, the new contract with day and month should never be changed with pre-payment.

I'd appreciate the policy department review the policy or it should be escalated for review and revise to retain their loyal customers.

Looking forward to hear from you.  


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello StephenW3,


  Firstly, you should note that the top-ups are not contractual per se. That's why it's not a very accurate comparison with insurance policies.


  It's unfortunate you did not understand how the top-up expiry works. However, it's the same way most prepaid offerings work. I have a prepaid service with a different provider and their expiry dates work exactly the same way. The top-up values have a set expiry date (see here). Note that is not the same as an expiry extension. That is, the expiries are not additive. For example, with the $100 top-up value, that expiry is 365 days -- from date of purchase. If you topped-up $100 today and again next week, the expiry date for the total value would still be 365 days from the last top-up date. It would not be 358 + 365 for a total 723 days.


 I do understand the desire to get the maximum number of days before the next expiry. For myself, I found the best way was to top-up on the day of expiry or shortly thereafter. Most providers (Fido included) have a grace period whereby expired balances can be restored if topped-up within a certain amount of time after expiry. With Fido, that grace period is 7 days (see link above).


Hope this helps 😀