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Record your call with Fido rep's

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Since I arrived Canada I was dealing with Fido which had an outstanding service level even on the world scale, even when there was small issues it was solved professionally by fido customer service..

But recently I had bad experience with Fido, where customer service promised and agreed offer and I found later its not applied, I asked to go back to the recorded conversation back in December for verification ....

Now I want a new service from Fido and for the whole last week I was calling Fido and every representative was giving completely different offer and denying any other offers for the day before which similar to my previous experience . 

My question here and I want an official answer from fido (do I have to record all my calls with Fido representatives as proof of call and offer ??)

I understand the sales process but I'm seeing an professional way in closing. 

I really want an answer from Fido and a call with any person in charge. 

Tell that time, I'm advising any one to record his/her call with Fido customer service. 



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Amjadsa!


Thanks for sharing your experience, I want to assure you that we always want to be transparent with our customers and offers should be applied as promised and within a timely manner. 


On our end, we do keep notes of what is offered, and it's all documented on the account, we also have records of all the older offers. If for any reason something was not applied, we can always go back to see what was available at the time to make the necessary corrections.


Can you give us a few more details as to what the offer was? Have you since spoken to us again to get it resolved?

Keep us posted! 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

First : in 19/12/2020 I asked to downgrade my plans( 2 lines ) to 40$ and less Gigs/monthly and she told me it's applied in the system , later in Jan 2021 I asked what is my plan they told me no changes in the plan , I asked to go back to the recorded call as proof..
secondly : I'm calling to get home internet within 10 days’ time ( al after 20 Jan2021 ) one offered me 50% on the plans (32.5 $ /75 & 37.5 /150 )
the second one offered (40$/75 & 45 $ /150) and 150$ gift card , third one (40$/75 & 46,5 $ /150) no gift card and he said we don’t have any gift card since November 2020( was only for one week after black Friday as he said) while another one offered it last week then .
when I’m mentioning the previous offer to every sales representative he is saying the previous offer just finished yesterday !!!
After these details tell me if I have to record my calls with Fido or not ?
my request : to get 40$ to my current phone plans and the offer of ( 40$/75 & 45$ /150) and 150$ gift card for home internet .
my account #XXXXXXXXX so you can approach me on the associated number .

thanks for your responce 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Thanks so much for the additional information! We're going to review things together in order to get to the bottom of it!


I'm going to send you a private message right here on the Community so that we can discuss things and go over what happened and what we can do going forward.


Check out your inbox, see you there Smiley