Random data drops

Random data drops

Random data drops

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Random data drops

In the past week, my phone would drop data connection, even though it says it has 4G or LTE connection. This has never happened before. Now it happens several times a day.


I would be driving with Android Auto on and suddenly lose traffic update.  Or other times Whatsapp cant send messages or Facebook gets randomly disconnected.


I live and travel in Mississauga, Hamilton and Kitchener.


I have even tried to switch connection to 4G only and it doesnt help.  The only fix is rebooting the phone which isnt a good fix.


I have an Lg G5 running Android 7.0, kernel 3.18.31, build NRD90U, software 



Please help


Hey @Nngo2k

The important is to find out if this happens because of the phone or the sim card.

If you don't have a spare phone, you can visit one of our locations so they can do a test with you on different phones.

You can find a store close using our locator here.



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Would they loan out the phone? Because the drops are random and therefore few minutes testing may not show or prove anything



If the phone needs to be sent for repair, we do have a loaner phone program.


If not then the issue comes from the sim card. A simple replacement would do the the trick.



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Hey @Nngo2k


Thanks for posting about this!


Have you noticed if this happens in the same locations each time?


Also, by any chance, are you able to test your SIM in another phone? 


Keep us posted!

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I cant say its 100% in the same area. I would lose data connection on hwy 401 from Mississauga to Hamilton, or at Square One, or on Dundas in Mississauga.  Busy and common area where you would expect to have Data.


What is odd is that the phone still shows LTE or 4G connection but I cant use any apps, Google or GPS.


And no I dont have a spare phone.

Hey @Nngo2k


Thank you for sharing these updates.

Can you confirm if you've had a chance to reset your phone to it's factory settings and testing it from there? 

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Yes i have done a factory reset prior to starting this thread. And yet in the last it still randomly drops data connections