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Porting Fido number to new Fido Account

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi there, 


My current fido number is a line under my parents accounts.

I would like to create my own fido account and link my credit card and transfer my Fido number over to that account? Can I do this on the phone or would i need to go in-store and can I do this by myself? Once the number is on my new fido account, the charges corresponding to that line should be cancelled or prorated correct?



Hello @JasonMraz,


A transfer of responsibility will need to be done.


Your parents will have to call Fido and let Fido know they want to transfer that line to you.

You will then need to speak to Fido and give them your necessary information, a credit check will be done once everything is good they will create a new account under your name and transfer the line to you.


This can be done over the phone or in a Fido store, it can not be done online or through any self serve methods.


Once the transfer happens the charges will be prorated. 

Hey @JasonMraz


As @KAPABLE-K mentioned this would indeed be a transfer of responsibility and cannot be completed through our regular self-serve options. 


This process is done in two steps. The account holder will first need to contact us to authorize the transfer to your name; they can do so through one of the channels found here. I also want to share that we will charge the new account holder a $35 Transfer of Responsibility fee for this transfer.


You can then reach back out to us on one of those same channels to complete the transfer. We can also finalize the transfer with you through PM here once the first step is done. Let us know! Smiley