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Prepaid voucher expiry date

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I'm using prepaid voucher to refill my mobile phone once a year (100.00 for 365 days voucher). During this time stores are closed in my area. (not allow to open until December 21). I like to know is there an expiry date on the voucher itself? That means can I purchase two 100.00 for 365 days vouchers and save one for next year ?





Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Ngcheck,


  Welcome to the community!


  As far as I am aware, an unused voucher would not have an expiry date (see here and here). However once used, the value of your total account would extend for the specifed time period (see here). For those who are not aware, the expiries are not additive. For example, with the $100 top-up value, that expiry is 365 days -- from date of purchase. If you topped-up $100 today and again next week, the expiry date for the total value would still be 365 days from the last top-up date. It would not be 358 + 365 for a total 723 days.


  So, as you suggest, you could purchase two $100 vouchers and save one for next year. Something to consider is that the vouchers are non-replaceable. Personally, I would be prone to placing the extra voucher in such a safe place that I won't remember where I left it in a year's time. Perhaps that's just me, though 🤣  In any case, if something similar were to happen to yourself, Fido would not be able to replace the unused missing voucher.


Hope this helps 😀