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Port Protection

I am told that phone porting is a new and dangerous way for scammers to take control of your phone and its contents. Service providers are now offering protection from this dangerous way to access your data, CCard info and passwords by allowing legit users to add a special code when contacting the provider, known only to the provider and the actual owner of the phone. 

Is Fido offering, or prepared to offer this additonal layer of security?

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Hello @Michael72 

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Absolutely, Fido uses nip and voice recognition to Id you.

Your Fido NiP is linked to your account and the account is linked to your phone number by SIM. 


If you are porting into Fido you can check out more details  here 




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Hello Fido


re: "Fido uses nip and voice recognition to Id you."


Is this automatically/already in place? Or do Fido customers have to call in to activate this? I don't recall setting up a NIP for my account or authorizing anyone to record and archive my voice other than "for quality purposes"


Please confirm process. Thank you.

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Your NIP would be setup on request. Also, we’ll enroll you by capturing your voice with our Voice ID system during the first call and creating your voiceprint. The next time you call, we’ll identify you by your voice.

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I don't authorize anyone to keep a record of my voice imprint so please ensure this is on file. Also, if, the next time I call, I see this is an opt-out feature as opposed to an opt-in feature, I'll be registering a complaint with the privacy commissioners of Quebec and Canada.

Hello @msullivan and @SJTW,


If you wish to make any changes to how we authenticate you, you would need to call in to our customer support and they can set up a 4 digit PIN with you if that's not already the case. 

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I'm a Participant Level 1

I'd like to setup a PIN and voice recognition to ensure that my phone number isn't ported without my consent.


Who do I contact to set this up?


I've looked at the fido.ca website and there is no phone number listed to contact anyone!





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Hey there, you'd need to reach out to customer service. 


You can reach them here!

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re:"NIP would be setup on request"


How can I request for my NIP and voice reconigtion to avoid my number porting by scammers? Who should I contact?