Poor Handling of Customer Complaints

Poor Handling of Customer Complaints

Poor Handling of Customer Complaints

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Poor Handling of Customer Complaints

I called Fido recently to inquire about my account and was very dissatisfied with how a "Customer CARE" agent rudely provided responses without even trying to understand my questions. So much so that he started raising his voice and I had to hang the phone up crying.


I have never complained about an employee ever - but never have I been so disrespected by a customer representative before. I then called back to put in a direct complaint and as the agent was taking my statment, the loyalty line closed down at 9p.m. and my call was abruptly dropped.


Still upset and unsure that my complaint was filed. I emailed Fido to put in an online complaint and haven't heard from them for almost 4 days.


I am very frustrated as I called back again today and was basically told that my complaint would be handled internally and that I probably won't be hearing back from Fido. This is ridiculous as for such a big company, these types of complaints should not be landing on deaf ears.


I don't usually leave reviews or post on forums either but I want to make sure anyone who is waiting for a resolution, recommendation, or inquiry about Fido see how poorly they treat their customers. 



Hey @bea_t

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. You can trust us, this is really not how we want to make you feel and I'm sad to learn about your experience. That doesn't sound like our usual friendly approach.


I can assure your comments won't fall on deaf ears; we really appreciate and consider your feedback and we'll make sure to forward it to the teams in charge. 


For privacy purposes, any feedback received is taken care of internally and can't be shared to customers. We definitely work hard to make sure our agents provide the best customer service possible.

If you still have any unsolved inquiries about this complaint or if you have any other questions or need help with anything else, feel free to reach out to us here and we'll be happy to assist.


Once again, thank you for sharing your experience.