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Phone number port

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Girlfriend got a new phone. We transferred her from Koodo to Fido on my account. The new phone has all of the data transferred over but does not have the same phone number. It still has the random number they gave us setup. 
how can I get her phone number to start working on the new phone? 



Hello @Colindunn,


Welcome to the community!


When you activated the line did you request to have the number ported? If you did not then you will need to contact customer service and request to have the number ported.


You should also note that you need to keep the previous carrier account active when porting numbers after the port is complete the other account will automatically be closed, You will also need to have the previous carrier SIM in a working phone because they will send you a text to confirm the port request and you will need to reply to it in a set amount of time that will be mentioned in the text message.


If you already did all those things and the number is still not ported I would suggest you reach out to customer service and they can better advise you after looking at the account.