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Fraudulent Phone purchase and plan upgrade

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Someone has hacked my account and ordered an IPhone 12 Pro Plus and upgraded the plan on the account in order to add the phone. I have contacted customer service and was given a case number and told the fraud department would be investigating and get back to me in 48hours. They still have not contacted me after 5 days! Since I received an email with the tracking number, I contacted FedEx to have the new phone sent back to Fido rather than it being delivered.  So, the phone was returned and I have explained that I did not place the order!! I don't understand why it takes so long to "investigate" this!! I didn't purchase this phone or new plan. End. Of. Story. It's impossible to get a hold of anyone at Fido to get help

with this!! So frustrating!! Terrible customer service. I have both my kids phone accounts with Fido and will be switching carriers!


Good morning @alijac , sorry that happened to you. Did you change all your family's passwords?  If not, it would be a great move to do that right away. As far as getting hacked, you or someone else may have inadvertently responded to a click bait that offered you a special offer, or downloaded an app that has nefarious software. Regardless,  I am so happy that you caught it, now Fido's job is to figure out how it happened. You will not be penalized for it, but it does take time to track orders. The fraud department isn't available,  as far as I know, on the weekends. Was the FedEx delivery address accurate?  That may give you insight into where the device is going. The fraud department will get back to you. In the meantime it would be best if you could secure your account. All the best