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Phone Upgrade - Pickup Refused

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I was denied a phone pickup, the store said they need ID proofs, I had my international passport and a valid study permit. I asked them to consider this, they said they can't consider my study permit since it has a expiry date of november 2021, I explained I'm on applied work permit status, govt. says my study permit is and will be valid till I receive a new one but fido has different opinion. I told them I will receive my permit within a month and can update later if wanted, they asked me to come after a month for pickup then! I asked if I can show my credit card, my permanent full time job contract any various other documents as proof and they said they cannot accept it. They suggested me to order the phone and have it deliver to the address, I asked them if I can do that why can't I just pick it up from the store, I was confused. They later canceled my pickup order since they could not change the delivery method if an order has been placed. I even talked with the customer support online for the same issue and they told me that IDs are valid and ask the store to call them and on calling the store again they say the same story. Also the customer service agent told me that once the order has been cancelled I would not get the same deal back, whereas the store did not inform me anysuch thing while cancelling my order. So basically, after 3 hours of hustle for a phone pickup, my order gets cancelled, I lose the deal and there' no help. I have been asked to visit the store on Tuesday they said the manager will be present and I can talk to him, but I'm wondering if this is going to result in me getting the phone deal atleast.



Hello @karank010,


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I'm sorry to hear if was more complicated than expected to pick-up your phone.

Did you have this resolved yet?


If not, feel free to contact us over these methods so we can look into it with you.