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Payments issue

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I have   payments  issues. 

I did setup the  payment on  my  card. 

 So. Payments  issues  have   September  payment. 

I visited  store  tell  the what is the  problem. 

Here  my card   I like  pay.  I don't  like  pay  interest  and let pay. 

They  say averting  ok. Thank. 

Then  again  again  my bank  and card  rejected. 

I called  the   card  company. They say  my card  is no problem. Same  time  I did shopping  is no problem. 

Now  again  fido say  my card  company  bank  problem rejected. I tell  the card  company  say no problem  me.

Fido didn't  have  rigt information  to apply card company. 

I ask  fido  what  do you have  my  card  information? 

They say  they  don't have. How?

 Because   erased. 

For what  reason.  Because  rejected. 

 I Can't   understand. 

Card company say  fido  used old  information   expire day. 

They didn't  update. 

But  they  want  me  and  card  mistakes. 

I can't  understand  and give me to stress .

Why I have  to pay? 

Is not my fault.

I did  3 times  ask for  update.

Is very  ugly.

Should  I have to  pay?  Or

Fido   own up ?




Hello @1342,


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for the details. There are a couple of reasons when the payment could be rejected, such as an expired credit card, insufficient balance etc.


It's also important to note that when you add/change a card during an on ongoing billing cycle, the automatic withdrawal will only begin as of next cycle. Our system takes a full cycle to update the informations. It might be the case for you. So the first payment has to be made manually for the ongoing cycle.


Here are some other details:


- Payments are processed 14 days after the next bill cycle close date and the bill will indicate the date of the withdrawal. 
- If the balance is $5 or less, we won't withdraw it unless its your first or final invoice, but don't worry, late fees do not apply in this case.
- You can dial *28 at any time from your Fido phone to know your current account balance.
- We accept international credit cards for pre-authorized credit card payments. 
- Only Canadian prepaid credit cards are accepted. 

- If the payment does not go through on the first attempt we retry 3 more times. Here is the retry schedule for declined credit card pre-authorized payments:

 1st Retry: 7 days after initial extract 
 2nd Retry: 7 days after 1st retry 
 3rd Retry: 7 days after 2nd retry


If the payment is declined on the 3rd retry, you will be charged an administrative fee.


If it still does not work, I would recommend using a different card, or our alternative payment methods

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I talked  my bank and card company say   I'm  averting is  good. 

My account  is no problem  .

Fido didn't have rigt information. 

Expire day and cvc numbers  is not  right. 

I did  3times visit  fido. 

They  don't   update  properly. 


You mistake  asking  customers  have  to  pay? 

Is not  right. 

Because  you are  big  company  I'm  small (ant)

 Your  mistake  asking  like  me have to pay? 

Why don't have  my payment  method?

I like  see my payment   history  .

What is the card numbers ?


Fido say  thay don't  have?

 I have  ebay  Amazon  ..

Thay have  all I apply the my card information. 

  Fido  didn't   have? 

Different  company  I ask  they  have  Aver time  change  card   information  they have. 

So why fido didn't?