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No Follow-Ups For Issues Related to Charges

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Back in mid-August, someone from Fido's Promotions Team made a mistake on my account.

This resulted in 2 additional lines and devices added to my account without my permission,

I was told they will fix it on their end and it is now near the end of September.


I have reached out to Fido over 5 times and spoke to many people.  Every time I was told it was being looked into and I would receive a call back and never have once.  I was also told those who were working on my account's problems could not be reached by phone so the only thing I can do is wait.

Now I have waited for around 2 months and still nothing and the 2 lines and devices are accumulating fees.

Because of those erroneus items on my account, I cannot close my account so it is just sitting there.


There is no point in calling Fido support because noone can apparently honestly tell me what is going on nor can the team that was supposedly working on my issue can be reached.


It is quite apparent that Fido does not actually care about resolving mistakes and if they did, they would be reaching out to figure things out instead of having me constantly reaching out to them.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

One of those individuals I spoke to was a manager.

And that was after being transferred to a dead-line, being hung up on, and having to call the customer service line again and again (going through all the prompts each time).  When I did reach a manager, even he could not help me and assured me that I will recieve a callback within 48 hours which never happened.

I did call back to customer support yesterday to see if there was progress and was told the ticket that was for my issue was closed with no resolution notes.  So basically Fido was told that there was an issue and then just stopped looking into it.  I was told that they had opened a new ticket because there is a suspicion of fraud so who knows if they will actually bother reaching out to me.


Hello @LZ009,


Welcome to the community!


This is a very serious matter and I can understand how frustrating it is for you, I would suggest you contact customer service again this time ask to speak to a manager, and if the manager is not able to help or provide adequate information you can ask to have this matter forwarded to the Office of the President.