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No Copy of Live Chat Transcript

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I requested copies of my live chat transcripts multiple times via customer sevice and all available FIDO channels, but even after providing my email, there has been nothing sent.


Customer representatives claim that they cannot send it to me even though they authenticated me each time, and even though I explicitly requested they forward me to a more senior agent/supervisor if they themselves do not have the permissions.


I am quite livid with the quality of the customer support here. Can FIDO please make it easier for customers to get copies of the transcripts?


This is especially terrible when the customer needs the documentation to proceed with other disputes.



Hey there @Surasama


Thanks for the feedback, we'll be sure to pass this along.


I'm also sorry to hear that our agents were not able to assist you with your request. Though, I can assure you that they are able to provide you with the relevant information.


You can request your chat log history by contacting us through these channels, or through this live chat link if our customer support agents were unable to assist you with your concerns.


As a customer, you can request access to your account's personal information. However, please note that only the account holder can request their account's details and some fees may apply. Also based on the request, our internal policy will outline if we support it and what is needed to process it, when applicable. 


Hope this helps!