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Fido Loyalty hung up on me…

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I called Fido to cancel one of my account's line. The girl who responded to me at first was super nice. After a few minutes of questions and stuff like that, she told me she was going to transfer me to Fido Loyalty, so they can finalize and close my line. The total time of this call was 45 minutes, and they never responded, they just hung up. Pretty pissed about it and thinking about changing to Bell now... Disappointing since I've never had any problems, and always try to be nice, since I know it can be hard to deal with awful customers


Hi @valeria16 , sorry to hear that you may have been hung up on. I just wanted to say that, in my experience,  sometimes the calls drop due to high traffic or accidental transfer to the wrong extension or even someone else picking up in error. If you still want or need to speak with a service representative, you may want to try contacting fidosolutions on Twitter and having a private dialogue over direct messaging. Sometimes this can be a better experience without having to hold on the phone.