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My dad's phone is not working (SMS and calling)

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello, I'm just posting on behalf of my dad since I'm the owner of the account. My dad has a huawei p5 phone and he can't make or receive any SMS texts or calls, and on the top left it says "emergency calls only". He's tried restarting his phone and it has worked sometimes, but now unfortunately that's not working either. The problem has persisted off and on for about a few weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Oileriffic,


  Are you sure your father's device is a Huawei P5? Unfortunately, I cannot find any reference to such a device (see here). Where did he get the phone? Have you verified that the phone has compatible bands/frequencies for the networks? You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. In order for SMS and calling, the device would need to have compatible bands/frequencies for the 2G and '3G' networks. Note that Rogers intends to decommission the GSM (2G) network at the end of this year (see here). Also note that since the device is not a model Fido carries, it's unlikely certain features (ie voLTE or Wifi-calling) would work.


  Since the device had previously worked, it's possible that the device only has one of the compatible bands/frequencies. Coverage would depend on corresponding bands/frequencies used at his surrounding cellular towers. You can get an idea of his area towers here. In addition, you should note that higher frequencies cannot penetrate structures as deep or travel as far as lower frequencies (see graphic here). Does the device work properly at different locations?


Hope this helps 😀






I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @Oileriffic,


Try taking out the SIM card then re-inserting it again and see if that helps.


You can also try doing a network reset and as a last resort try doing a factory reset is nothing else works.