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Missed calls from people who never called me

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

This is not the first time it happened but the frequency is going up recently. This afternoon at 2:37 and 6:13 I got two missed calls from numbers I don’t recognize and I called back later and they said they never called me. It happened a couple weeks too.... 


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

It happened to me

Hey there @hartej22 


Are these perhaps spam/scam calls you're missing? Do you recall if a recording was left on your voicemail after missing one of these calls?


Unfortunately, legitimate numbers can be spoofed by scammers. Meaning that the number displayed on your phone was not actually the number that called you, which is why the person on the other end will claim that they never called you. Also, this can affect you the other way around (people may contact you and say that you've called them recently). For more info on spoofing, you may find this CRTC page helpful.


In case you're receiving scam calls, we would strongly suggest reporting it to the Canadian anti-fraud center. You can also find more info and tips on how to protect yourself on our support page.


Hope this helps!


Hey @Ellianna


That sounds a bit strange, but not unheard of.


Have you had this number for a long time and were those regular calls, or from third party apps? 


Personally, I kept the third party apps on my phone connected to my previous number and when I  used them, my contacts would see the old number instead of the new one I had. 


Your situation could be unrelated to mine, but let's start with that. 


Let me know Smiley