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Is it bad for me to ask for a suspension to fix my phone internet?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

When my services got suspended last month, beforehand my phone internet wasn't working. I noticed when unsuspended, my cellular data started working as normal.


it is doing it again and I'm wondering if I could ask for a temporary suspension, then a unsuspension to fix the internet? That's what worked last time to fix the internet.


I do have a payment arrangement at the end of September but I need my phone working for a upcoming event I'm going to for safety reasons 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Acadiaisgone96,


  Sorry to hear you're having issues with cellular data. However, there can be various reasons why data may not work properly. You might consider contacting customer service to see if there are any suspensions or data blocks on your line. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above. If you have a previous payment arrangement, you might need to contact the Credit Operations team.


  Are you able to use any other services (ie calls or text messages)?


Hope this helps 😀