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When my services got suspended last month, beforehand my phone internet wasn't working. I noticed when unsuspended, my cellular data started working as normal. it is doing it again and I'm wondering if I could ask for a temporary suspension, then a u...
I had ordered a new iPhone 6s through the online store and I am concerned as it has now almost been two business days as to whether I will receive this phone right away or not right original 6s has a shutdown issue and that is why I upgraded ...
So I am having a dilemma and I don't know what to do.I have a plan that gives me 5GB + unlimited text (of some sort I think it's international) + Unlimited Canada Wide TalkThe problem is I have to give it up if I want the iphone se at the 49$ price r...
So I have to upgrade my phone soon. Will I be able to keep the same SIM card when I'm going to a iPhone SE (with about 65GB) from a 8GB IPhone 5C?Does anyone know? I really want to just switch the card to the new phone rather than wait for a new one?
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