Incorrect Billing

Incorrect Billing

Incorrect Billing

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Incorrect Billing

I had very frustrated and disappointed call with Fido today. I am using Fido services almost for 4-5 years and I am surprised that company does not offer any loyality to its customer. I called Fido around Jan 9 to change my plan and representative offer me monthly plan along with 1000 min for international call. After couple of weeks, I called again fido to reconfirm about my plan. The representative advised me that my plan information will be updated on my next billing cycle and I will be able to see online as well. Today, I am shocked to see my bill of $157 for internaltional calling. Today rep advised me that there are not notes for activation of 1000 min. Here is my few questions about thses charges:

1. How someone can use international calling service ferquently when it was not activated with any plan. Please review my history calling how many times i called internationally when I knew that I do not have plan to call internationally

2. I suggest to review our previous billing and payment, there was not any issue. There was not any issue

3. How can your customer determine that Fido rep added all of his/her notes in client's file. 


I got incorrect bill and request Fido to change/correct my bill. I am not responsible of mistake made by Fido Rep. I am suggesting Fido must revisit my plan's initial conversation with Rep where she had offered me new plan. I had conversation with her almost 40-45min.


I hope this will sort it out soon




Hey @MeenaV,


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That is definitely not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers and I can assure you that we'd be happy to look into it as well and see if we can turn your experience around. In cases like these, we would need to access your account to take a closer look at the details on file. With that said, I will be sending you a PM via the community.


We hope to talk to you soon! 😃