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I got 345$ of extra chage on calling minute , last month's bill

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have 500 minutes of anytime call and unlimited on EW,

So it means I over about 700 minutes? I don't think that is possible and why there was no announcement before I over that much.

So the total amount I have to pay is $463.30, I paid $400 first if it was fido's mistake can I get my money back and solve this problem



Hey @dhkddn2663,


Welcome to the community! 


We know that overage charges are never pleasant, however, if the minutes were used then the charges would be valid and we can only make adjustments if ever there's a billing mistake. 


It's important to note that calls are billed by the minute and not by the second, so they get rounded up to the higher minute. We also send text message notifications when you reach 90% and 100% of the minutes included in your plan. You might not receive these text messages if:


-You are out of a service zone or your phone is not turned on for a period of 3 days.
-The Text messaging sending system for the Minute Tracker is not working at the time where you should receive a text message.

Also, the Minute Tracker does NOT work outside Fido’s network and will not calculate usage while roaming.


However, in an effort to allow our customers to be able to access their own usage at all times to keep track of it, we offer different tools through which you can check out your usage at any time:


- through your online account on

- through My Account the app

- by calling *3337 from your Fido phone


If ever your plan doesn't suit your usage needs anymore, make sure to log into your online account to see what other plan offers are available for your account. If you'd like to discuss your account further, you can reach out to us here or we can send you a message on the community.