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How to escalate a complaint

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I want to know how I can get to Vice President office of Fido or manager follow I'm leaving my email below if I don't get any contact information then I'll call or probably I'll go to CRTC because I'm paying my bill doing my part but on the other hand you are not doing your part so you deserve a complaint and a nice one .



Hi there @Varora!


Please note that this Community platform is not a servicing channel. To get assistance, you can visit this link and choose how best you can reach us out. We can also send you a PM so that you can give us more details about your situation if you wish to.

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

In fact, there is no real channel: you have to phone them then navigate the attempts to deflect you with references to 'ask Jack' and many minutes on hold, then you get a service rep who, although you've already given your account info, asks for various items of identification - be prepared to provide the same information every time they pass you on to another representative. Note, service representatives can not only not deal with technical issues but cannot access any existing technical reports from previous calls: they have to pass you along to a technician - more time on hold and further attempts to deflect you to 'asl Jack' - who ID's you all over again and has no idea what was discussed so far nor the existence of the technical report they're supposed to be explaining; at this point, you're probably talking to a Rogers employee. The basic MO is to 1) try to sell you a new phone, 2) get you to do a restart, 3) to get you todo a battery pull, 4) get you to try your sim card in another device; after that, you're hosed. Expect to spend a few hours on the phone: if they promise to call back later, they probably won't. Don't expect them to keep a file, issue a tracking number nor provide any email notifications on promised progress, if any.

Note: they advertise another lane i.e. the CCTS: true to form, this organization will lose all the information provided in their online form and use this later as an excuse not to proceed with your complaint - they may even substitute some erroneous information in your file. You have to phone them and basically start over. This agency seems to be focused on billing issues and seems incapable of processing technical issues: basically, they want you to convert your claim into a financial claim: whether or not your service ever works for you or might be made to work is irrelevant to them. In the end, they will simply garble up your info and then forward it to fido - in effect, just another time wasting deflection,