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Has Fido changed my plan without my consent?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

If somebody has any previous experience of their interaction with Fido around this topic or somebody who knows the process can please confirm what happens in the following case -


I was charged incorrectly for US Roaming while still being in Canada (near Niagara Falls). Got in touch with support on chat, they identified the issue but couldn't reverse the charge as the bill was yet to be generated at that point in time. However, a note was made to my account and I was given the reference to share it when I get the bill.


Fast forward to present, I have receivd the bill and the incorrect charges are there. Got in touch with support again and provided the reference number. Was told that the charge has now been reversed and should reflect in 24 hours. I can see the update (reduced) amount and on the same page I can see the previous (with additional charges) amount as well now. I have auto-debit setup (pre-authorized payment as its known here) and it is next to this that it still shows the previous amount. The chat agent was not confident what amount will be deducted for this month so I was told perhaps it will get adjusted in next bill whereas the agent I originally had a chat with (who provided me the reference) said the amount will be credited back right away. So which is it?


Plus, I just received an email from Fido stating the reversal but I can see that it says that there were changes to my account and as per the changes I will be charged for my plan without the promo discount which I signed up for (and have in the contract). That in itself is an additional C$18!

Has my plan been changed as well wth all the promos stripped when the agent was doing the reversal or is the email from Fido not configured to mention any promo discounts applied to account and only mentions vanilla plan rates as such?



Hello @KunalJ,


Could it be the discount you had was for a set amount of months which has now expired? If so when changes like this will happen Fido notifies us of these upcoming changes at least 3 month ahead on our invoice. If you check your last 3-4 months invoice you should see the message.


If this is not the case then you will need to contact customer service as they are the only ones that can look into your account to see what is happening.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Thanks for your response.


No, that isn't the case as the account is only a little over a month old and one of the promo is valid for a year while another for two years if I remember correctly. In any case both are valid atleast for a year from setup date. It can't be that.


I so wish there was an email address where customers could just email rather than be online only when chat support is available and make time for it only during those hours. This is s difficult. One issue leads to another.

Hi there @KunalJ!


When adjustments and credits are applied to your account, they can either be applied effective immediately or on a future date (IE starting your next cycle). For your situation, it sounds like it was applied effective immediately because you could see the new amount. Your pre-authorized payment will always charge you the latest updated amount you see regardless of where you see the payment method displayed at. Just know that your PDF invoice will never show the adjusted amount because well, it was already ''printed'' before the adjustment was made. I hope I was able to clarify things on this part.


As for your plan and discount, we would need to take a closer look at it to see what happened exactly. Did you now that you can send us a private message over Facebook or Twitter for help too? As we reply to all our messages there in the order we receive them, there is a delay between each of our responses. The advantage is that it works a little bit like an email thread and it allows you to go on with your day knowing we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Hope this helps and we hope to chat with you soon!