Fraudulent Third Party Charges Bango

Fraudulent Third Party Charges Bango

Fraudulent Third Party Charges Bango

I'm a Participant Level 3

Fraudulent Third Party Charges Bango

Yesterday I received last month bill,

With $89.79 third party charges from Bango, for services that I never used, bought or authorized.

The charges are made to Google, and the SIM card has been in an iPhone since we moved few months ago to Fido (which apparently was not good decision), I called Fido and I was instructed to contact Bango. I sent them an email and I am still waiting for response.

In brief, I was charged $89.79 fraudulently, had to spend more than 90 minutes on phone with Fido, was obliged to contact a company that I didn't know it exists till my service provider asked me to contact, and I am waiting for their reply.

I just started to search the topic and I found so many similar complaints regarding the same exact issue, seriously, Fido doesn't want to fix that.

Thanks Fido for your very poor customer service.

I'm a Participant Level 3

Just heard back from Bango, after 6 days of waiting and few emails asking for an update.

They said they're currently awaiting a response from my carrier regarding this matter!!!




What can I say?!?!?




Hello @A_Abraham,


I would recommend waiting until they reach out again if they mentioned that they were in contact with us.


 Keep us posted! 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoAnthonyZ, thanks for your reply,

On April 7, 2021, Bango came back to me saying that they are refunding the wrongly charged amount.



Now, I am sure I will receive a response from Fido that they are happy that everything is going well,


Seriously Fido! Bad bad bad customer service,

Now here is the scenario from my perspective:

- I am a customer who suddenly found a wrong billing charged to my pre-authorized bill,

- It's is ok, mistakes happen, so I call my company to correct this error, which is not my fault, what do they do?

- After more than 90 minutes on calls and hold, I am ordered to contact a company that I never heard about.

- I sent a ticket to this fraudulent company, after many days and few emails, they tell me they will refund me in about a month!!!

- Whenever I try to contact Fido, they insist that I must have done this transaction, with a gesture that I am the fraudulent person here.

Here are the 2 riddles that I really can't solve:

- This is not an individual mishap, this happened many many times with Fido / Bango, why Fido does not take action? At least when they hear from a customer a new complaint about this fraud, they should solve this with Bango.

- If anyone searches online about this issue, it always happens with Rogers and Fido!?!?! Not a single incident reported online regarding Bell / Virgin Mobile / Telus / Koodo!!!!!!!!!!


The answer is very very poor customer service.


Thanks for keeping us posted. 

We'll definitely look into why this seems to be happening.


I'm happy to see you found resolution in this and we'll definitely do our best to ensure this doesn't happen. 




Hey @A_Abraham


We definitely understand how it can be to find an unexpected charge on a bill and rest assured that we wouldn't want to charge you for something you didn't use. Keep in mind however that Fido is only the billing agent for providers such as these when customers make purchases or subscribes to services on their devices and only the user of the device can authorize these in-app purchases. 


If you reached out to them, they should be able to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Are you able to check your Google Play purchase history to see if there's anything unusual there?



I'm a Participant Level 3

@FidoAllan, thanks for your reply, though it looks to me like a standard copy-paste reply.

Can you please read the details I mentioned:

1. I clearly mentioned that I did not buy or download these apps, I did not do these transactions, but hey, who cares what I say, Fido doesn't believe me, Fido assumes all customers who say that are just fraudulent people.

2. I do not need to check my google play purchase, I mentioned clearly that we don't use android, this sim card has been on iPhone since we got it from Fido. However, I checked the google play store that is linked to our google account, it's empty, nothing in the subscription section.







Obviously, that's a fraudulent charge somehow! Did you check how many complaints on Fido forums regarding the very same topic 'fraudulent third party charges - Fido' Just search this topic and see what will you get? Or even worse, just check related discussions at the bottom of this page!!!


Seriously, when will Fido take an action!!!