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Forced to pay for plan when I had not even know about the SIM

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Team,


I am surprised to know that I've received the mail to pay them for a bill which even I didn't know. I'm already using FIDO which is currently running and i am paying bill on time.  I'm getting scared about what to do now. As per the mail, Avoid further credit & collection impacts with a limited-time discount. 

Avoid further credit & collection impacts with a limited-time discount

You recently received a notice of cancellation for non-payment of your Rogers account. If your account is canceled and unpaid, it will be assigned to a collection agency which will have a negative impact on your credit rating, making it difficult to access credit-related products and services in the future.
Please assist what to do now ? 



Hi there @kinjal_chintan , is this coming to you by text or email? Are you sure it's not a scam message? You will need to contact Fido support

To find out what is happening. We cannot access your information here as we are not fido employees. I suggest contacting Fido at your earliest chance to get this cleared up. I suggest trying to contact fidosolutions on Twitter to get the conversation started.