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Fraud Department

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



About 4 weeks ago I received an email from Fido, that I ordered a new phone with the plan from Fido, what I never did, and will be charged every month for that respectively. I called Fido, and I was told, that investigation will be started and I will not be charged of course for that because someone hacked Fido data base. In a week or so after that I was charged $200 from my credit card. I gave a call to Fido, because the reason was the fraud mentioned above. I was connected with the woman from the Fraud Department and she told me that my money will be back on my account in 2 days and she gave me her extension. 

It was a week ago, money have not been refunded to me, and when I call the extension none picks up the phone. I left a voice messages a couple of time, but still have not heard back. Please let me know how I can get MY MONEY BACK! 


Thank you.



Hey UGocer,


We're sad to read about your experience and we'd like to take a look into it with you.


I'm sending you a PM to check it out.


Talk soon!




@UGocer call your credit card company and let them know, have them issue you a new credit card and have them do a charge back from Fido.