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Impossible to contact fraud department

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I opened a Fido account online with two lines and purchased two new phones for those lines in the morning on Tuesday, November 16. I received an email Wednesday late afternoon saying that they were getting the order ready (for one of the phones). When I still haven't gotten the shipping confirmation on Thursday, I logged into Fido MyAccount to see if I could find an update and it said my account had been cancelled. When I contacted Fido about this, they said it was due to suspected fraud--despite the fact that I verified everything repeatedly--and that I would need to contact the fraud department. I've been unable to reach anyone at the fraud department and can't receive a call back because my current phone service isn't working (which is why I'm trying to get a new phone/service in the first place). This whole process has been incredibly frustrating and has been handled really poorly thus far in terms of logistics and communication. How is it possible that the only way to get in touch with a phone company -- who sell phones to people who don't have them -- is to leave a callback number?! This is ridiculous, and if I can't get it sorted, I'll just have to go elsewhere, which is super disappointing.


Hi @frustrated7 , so sorry you're having a difficult time getting ahold of Fido customer service. Have you tried online contact using social media like Twitter or Facebook? Here are all the ways to get Contact  with someone. If that doesn't work for you, then if you are able to go to a Fido store to have someone assist you there. Make sure you have 2 pieces of valid ID to take with you. I hope you get this sorted out soon