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worse experience i got with supervisor about my concern

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi there,

My concern is not only mine, I hope a lot of your customers are going through it. I used to see reviews from people about their bad experience with Fido, Today I have to post my bad experience with you guys.

Concern - I had a loyalty plan from Fido because my usage was too much. Almost more than 10GB i use every month for my work.

But for Last month bill, i was Surprise, i got 7th time of my regular bill. i called customer service to resolve this issue but they were stick on their words, cannot fix it but will give you only $50 credit. we are your customer if by any chance one of your customer face this problem you should try to solve it rather than being rude and explained how to manage things for tracking usage.

i really really had a bad experience with one of your supervisor after waiting an hour on hold, supervisor talked to me and literally rather than solving they became rude and started explaining me how to track your usage.

guys if anyone going for a Fido Think Once, there are also more companies who give better plans and their co-worker and supervisors know their moral values.

Thanks Fido for your bad experience.



Hello @rs37704 and welcome to the Community.

Thank you for sharing your experience here on the Community. On our end, this is definitely not the experience that we want for any of our customers.  Giving good service is a priority for us and we also want to make sure that you avoid extra charges on your future bills.

To get this looked into, we will need access to your account. I do invite you to contact us through our channels here so we can go over this with you.