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Followed all of Fido's instructions, and they cancelled my plan!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Im a new Fido customer and signed up for a promo plan a week ago. Ordered a new device and the plan with a fido rep over the phone. They say all is good they're going to mail me my new phone. 2 days later, new phone arrives but its the wrong one. Call fido to resolve. They tell me theyre sorry and that i should ship back the whole box w sim and then just go in store to pick up a new phone, and then they'll apply my plan to that phone. They assure me multiple times that doing so will not cancel my account + plan. so i do. phone gets returned on friday. obviously it didnt get processed until today, because i get an email saying now my entire account is cancelled. called customer service twice and first they tell me that i cant get my old plan back cause its no longer available ( is...i just had it...this morning), and the the second woman tells me the person i spoke to before who said this wouldnt be a problem "Doesnt know what shes talking about". They keep trying to offer me plans that are more expensive, less gb, and with a different phone. TELL ME HOW I FOLLOWED EVERY INSTRUCTION GIVEN TO ME BY FIDO REPS AND SOMEHOW END UP WITH A CANCELLED ACCOUNT. I did everything you told me to do, and now youre telling me theres nothing you can do to fix it? this is YOUR fault. So much for a good first impression.



Hello @derp3,


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I'm sad to hear this wasn't the best experience and it most definitely wasn't our intention. 

Did you look into to simply reactivate the account you had opened? 

Feel free to contact us over these methods and we'll be happy to help you.