Filing a complaint

Filing a complaint

Filing a complaint

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Filing a complaint

Hi there,


Can anyone guide me through the steps to file a formal complaint against a customer service representative? I got charged for data roaming while I didn't travel and I was hoping a customer service representative can help me solve the issue. Unfortunately, the person I was chatting to was very rude and not professional at all! I am very disappointed because that person didn't apologize for the erroneous charge on my account and instead of trying to solve the issue, that person showed me some attitude by saying "you should be careful XXXXXXX"


This is definitely the worst experience I have ever had with Fido and I hope the management will take some actions to improve customer service standards and quality.




Hello @xshen17 and welcome to the Community.


I'm sorry to learn about your experience.


In order for us to take your complaint, it will be necessary to contact our csutomers service.

You can find the ways to reach us here.