Fido ripoff

Fido ripoff

Fido ripoff

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Fido ripoff

I am retired and seldom use my phone. Got a $532 data overage charged when by bill is normally $89


FIDO will do nothing to help!  Liars cheaters and unfair

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Went into the hospital came out and they had my phone bill at   for 4 months i was with them. They cut it off at the first month then charged me for the other 3. I showed all my friends and now none of them will ever go with fido again. 

Hey @Freddy2


That's definitely not what we like to hear. Sad


We'd be glad to go over everything with you!


Contact us on any of our channels and we'll be happy to assist.


Alternatively, we can also send you a PM through the Community, if that works best for you. 

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Hey @Richieeee!


I just wanted to provide some clarification here. Your data is not blocked once you have reached your limit but rather once you have reached $50 worth of overages. 


You are correct, though, that you need to accept the charges and provide consent to additional charges for additional use before your data will be unblocked. 


@Nimbus1, Keep in mind that, if you find that your Google Photos is using a lot of data to back up your photos, you can change the settings in the app so that it only backs up your photos over wifi.  


We only bill you for what you have used. If you have questions about your use, Customer Service is always available to go over the charges with you. 

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Have you removed the $535?


Hi, it's Fido: To help manage your data charges, your account will be paused at $50 of data overage and/or $100 in Roaming data usage in a single bill cycle. This wireless line can restore access if your account reaches these limits. To make changes to this or learn more, visit
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Hey @Nimbus1


The message you've copied here is indeed what you would receive once you've reached the $50 data overages cap. 


We wouldn't be able to confirm any account details on a public forum like this. Did you get a chance to reach out to our customer support team through one of the channels found on the link my colleague @FidoAmanda shared? 


Let us know if you'd prefer we send you a PM from here and we can also do that! Smiley 




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Aight thanks for the correction Smiley


Hey @Nimbus1!


We do get the frustration behind receiving a high and unexpected invoice and we'd love to go over a few things.


Have you been using the data on your phone any differently the past month? This can be a cause for data overages if you've been using a new app or feature on your phone.


That said, we do offer tons of ways to track your data and avoid data overages. 


Via and the Fido app you can check your usage. This can also be done by dialling *3337 on your Fido phone. 


In terms of avoiding overages, if you think you'll need more data for the month you can text the word DATA to 222 in order to add a data top-up and get more data for the month.


Finally, we do block data usage at $50 of overages as required by the wireless code. You should only be charged over $50 of overages if you consented to using more data via that message. Was that the case?



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yes that is all I authorized.

Fido is charging 97 GB on my account for my Google Photos. There are less than 50 photos

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Remove the Bogus $500 + tax 

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this is a scam all over the Net 

I wish to be forwarded to your Corp customer support people 
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That's unreasonably troublesome. Google Photo Uploaded your photos with your data then that is your problem. Why would you allow Google to use your data to upload photos? BTW when you reach your data limit Fido will automatically stop your data usage and you have to confirm in order to keep using data. This means you authorized Fido to release your data limit and it is you who keep using data. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FIDO. DIAMETRICALLY, IT IS YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM

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Sorry the photos have always been there and no data charge. Not buying that.  They notified me there would be no data tracking In April.  I did not authorize $500+ tax In. Bogus charges. Final