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Fido made me go around in circles

I'm back
I'm back

Decided to upgrade to new phone and contacted Fido by chat. Was able negotiate a decent deal similar to koodo.  They just worked the cost of the phone into the plan.


Decided to pick up newly ordered phone instead of them delivering it to me because it was taking awhile. Turns out the order was back logged and they didn’t have any in inventory. I wouldn’t have known unless I contacted them...


Asked if I could go pick up the phone from a store instead and they said should be ok. They will cancel the online order there and give me the phone.


Got to the store and was told they couldn’t cancel online order and advised I had to cancel the online order myself. Contacted Fido by chat to cancel the order. The order was successfully cancelled. Proceeded to process the phone and was advised had to pay $360 for the device. My upgrade deal covered the cost of the device. 


So..  I was ok’d by Fido to go to the store to cancel the online phone order that contained my negotiated upgrade deals and I was  there with no phone. They were unable to Honour the previous upgrade deal as the time had passed for that deal...


i was able to revert back to my original $50 plan in the time being, so I can proceed with another carrier.


So, no big loss for both parties as I just didn’t go with with the processed upgrade deal but the ordeal of having to be misdirected chat by chat at home and in-store until I dismantled my own upgrade plan was weird and frustrating to me. I was just led around town on chat and phone for 4 hours until I no longer had a new phone or new plan...


The personnel who helped my were respectful  and helpful but there was only so much they can do as it seems this was a problem with how they structure their processes and departments.


But this had left such a negative experience for me that I can’t wait to upgrade with another carrier even if it means paying a little more as no one likes to be misdirected and led around like that.


i hope no else will have to go through the ordeal I went through.


thanks Fido. But you won’t be missed.




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @Rik21,


The experience you're describing while upgrading is certainly not the one we aim for. 


Increasing the amount of people involved in the process may have contributed to the situation, albeit not one we want you to have. Sad


In any case, we wouldn't want to see you go over this and will be happy to review your options when your next upgrade comes around!