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Fido Customer Service made me go through another line sugnup

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Had a terrible experience with Fido customer service. Signed up in early Jan 2024 to start service on a later date ofJan 15th. On Jan 14th I called customer service to check on service status as nothing was showing on the account page only to be told that the line I signed up for does not exist and that I need to sign up again at existing rate plans. Spoke to one agent on the phone and chatted with another through online support and both gave the same explanation and mentioned that I probably forgot to complete the order even though I was provided with an account # and a temporary phone # during the sign up process . Ok, may be I made a mistake which I was certain was not the case. The chat agent made me go through the sign up process with another hard credit check. They set me up with express pickup at local store. When I got to the store I was surprised to see the original line was already in the system along with the new line that they made me setup yesterday. The store rep suggested to wait until Jan 15th to see if the original line would activate and then I would have to come back to cancel the new line which the call centre agents should have been able to see and advise accordingly. I am so disappointed at this experience that either due to lack of training or laziness of customer service agents, I was given wrong advise and that they made me go through another credit hit on my credit file. I would like to have someone call me to get this resolved. Can provide all related information including interaction IDs provided by chat agent yesterday.



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Sorry to hear what happened, you should note this community forum is not intended as a form of customer service it is mainly driven by customers like myself helping each other.


In your case, I would suggest you contact customer service directly and ask to speak to a supervisor let them know what happened, and discuss the options to make things better.