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Fido Roam

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I was recently in Mexico for two weeks. When I received the Fido Roam text message I looked to the advice given via the community. I turned off almost all of my apps, made no phone calls or messages. I didn’t look at any emails or Instagram. All I used my phone for was the occasional photo and, naturally did not send or post anything to social media. Yet when I got home I had a Fido bill for $111.45. Just recently spent three days trying to speak with management. But, to no avail. Most disappointing!

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Hello Wickie,


  I'm sorry to hear you received that awful surprise when you returned from your trip. Have you had a chance to view the Fido Roam charges on your bill? You can do so by selecting: My Account --> Billing & Payments --> View Bill --> Save PDF or Usage Summary. It should show what usage triggered the charges.


@wickie wrote:... I turned off almost all of my apps, made no phone calls or messages...

  Had you disabled data and/or roaming data? I understand you did not make any phone calls or sent any messages. However, you should note that disabling roaming data does not prevent roaming for voice and messaging. I also understand from your other post that you had enabled Airplane mode. Was your Airplane mode enabled before you entered Mexico? Was your Airplane mode enabled during your flight? If it wasn't, it's possible some apps used data before you were able enable Airplane mode.


  If Airplane mode was enabled for the duration of your trip, your phone should not have been able to connect to the networks.


  Is your phone capable of Wifi-calling? Using certain services with Wifi-calling while abroad is also considered roaming.


Hope this helps 😀