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FIDO LIES-SIM card missing/Bill innacurate/Fees

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Ill start from the beginning so it all makes sense. I had been using Chatr as my service provider for the last 2 years, on a prepaid monthly plan. I loved how cheap and convienient it was!!! Fast forward to the last week of March, I was looking to get some information about the Fido plans. I chose to use the chat since it seemed easier to do so and there i spoke to a customer service representative. I explained to the agent that i was wanting information about the plans and that i was looking for a cheap plan. I told him I was currently with Chatr and he asked how much i paid monthly. I told him that i paid $35 per month before taxes. He asked me how many gbs i had with the plan and I said 1gb. He then proceeded to tell me that if i made the order today he could offer me a plan that had 3gb and would cost me the same amount that i was paying with Chatr which was 35 + tax. I then asked him if there were any fees..he said that because i was with Chatr, there would be no fees. I then proceeded to approve him doing my credit check and continuing with the order. He then told me that they would be shipping a SIM card and that the billing cycle would start the day the SIM card was shipping. So i long does the SIM card take to arrive? He responded that it usually arrived the same day it was shipped. So i fekt a bit more comfortable and gave him my payment info etc.


So a day later i receive an email from Fido welcoming me..but it says that i have 25gb for $45 + tax. I was immediately annoyed because i did not want that plan and again chatted with an agent on the Fido chat. She was very friendly and i explained that the email was showing a different plan. I explained what my plan was supposed to be and she told me that it may have been put in error and that it would be fixed. After receiving another email from FIDO i realized my plan had not been fixed which is when i decided to call a customer service rep. I spoke to an agent and explain my whole situation. He then said super calmly 'ohhh its because that offer expired.' Uhh.. what? I got so mad and informed him that i had only agreed to the 35 + tax plan and that i would be cancelling if they would not respect their word. The agent then put me on hold and told me he was writing a ticket about the issue. He then said i would receive an email once it was resolved. So then i received another email from FIDO where they had updated my plan to the correct one! I thought this was the last issue... fast forward to April 6th, i start wondering why hasnt my SIM card arrived? I had received a purolator link that it had shipped March 27th, so when i checked, it had said delivered March 29? Says left at reception in Vancouver. I dont live in Vancouver and where i live we dont have reception? So now my SIM card is lost. So i quickly log into my Fido account where it says that on April 22 i will need to pay 102 dollars!!!! Apparently my plan has still not been still says i have to pay $45 + tax AND theres a set up fee of $46 dollars?????? First of all i was told there were no fees, otherwise i wouldnt have agreed to it and two why isnt my plan updated. This is so i have no idea where the SIM card is, they have the wrong plan on file still and theyre wanting to charge me BS fees. Absolutely not!! How do i cancel everythinggg?? Help



Hi @Hhhy


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I am very sorry to hear about your ordeal. I will send you a PM so that we can check everything out together. 


Thank you.