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Upgraded two cellphones, only received one!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My husband and I recently upgraded both our cellphones, same time by same sales rep over the phone. They called us. My cell came to our home address two days later (address was updated and confirmed during conversation).The address they sent my husband's upgraded cell to is unknown to us. I followed the tracking, it says delivered to some mail room in Mississauga. Its been over a week now and nothing. I've spoken with three different ppl. The first person said she would send an email and someone would get back to me in 24 hours. I heard nothing and did a live chat the evening of the next day. The second said there's nothing they can do and I should actually hear back in 48 hours, before April 2. Still nothing! I called a third time on April 2, they didn't know anything either but said I should get it by April 6th. Well...its 11:00pm on April 6th, I checked the mail today and nothing. I also reviewed the canada post tracking number and it still shows delivered to mailroom in Mississauga. People who work for Fido don't know anything. I'm ready to cancel everything. My payment for this month is due in two days. They'll never get another dime from me until this is solved to my liking. And an insulting $10.00 off my bill for 12 months will not even come close to cutting it. I've been an excellent customer and always pay my bills in full and ontime. This week will be the first time ever that my payment will be late or possibly not at all, given if anyone does their job. 


Horrible customer service with Fido. I went through hell the last time I upgraded with them. I didn't want to stick with them this time but my husband convinced me to. Needless to say he's had enough and will never think about convincing me again to stick with these idiots. Absolutely ridiculous. What are the chances of messing up so royally two times in a row. 




Hey @Mendysomers !


I'm truly sorry to learn about this. I totally understand that ordering a new phone is an important purchase and that you're looking forward to receiving it.


This is not the type of phone upgrade experience we aim to provide to any of our customers.


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at the situation. Smiley


Talk soon!