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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I received an exclusive loyalty offer via text message from Fido on Aug 11, 2021. Nowhere did it indicate that in order to take advantage of that offer, I would need to pay for the balance of my phone (I'm currently under contract). The text goes on to say "pair this offer with..." which indicates that the details of the initial offer have been communicated. 


Only once I went in store, and later called Fido, did I learn that all of the parameters of the offer were not included in the text message that I was sent. 


This is very misleading (or perhaps false) advertising. 


When I called in, the customer sales rep took me through most of the process of switching my plan. It wasn't even clear to her that the offer had parametres that were not communicated to me. Ultimately she was not able to fulfil the offer as I had received it. I was forwarded to a manager who proceeded to tell me by her reading of the text, I was basically incorrect. I disagreed with her. She was not willing to fulfil the offer as it was communicated to me.


I've attached a snapshot of the text. There is nothing in it that indicates I would need to pay the balance of my phone to take advantage of the offer, and it concludes with "Don't wait, this offer is valid for a limited time only". There is not even an asterisk or any hint at additional details or information that would be required to take advantage of the offer.


I'm happy with Fido, the network is good and I have had no prior problems. But this is very misleading information to communicate to customers. 





Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Bob_Nichols


Welcome to the Community Smiley


I'm sorry to hear about your latest experience. I can assure you that this is not the kind of service we'd want to offer. Exclusif offers will generally be available on your Fido account, which you can view by signing in on or your Fido mobile app.


To clarify, signing a new agreement while you still have an ongoing financement on your current device, will void the latter. This means that any balance left unpaid on that phone will be billed to your invoice before you enter your new agreement. As you can only finance one phone at a time, there's no way around this. Your options are to wait until your current term is over or to upgrade now and to pay the remaining balance.


With what said, a communicated offer would be something we'd have available on our end. And in your case it does indicate that you won't have to pay your previous term's remaining balance. Though some conditions may apply, we'd be happy to go over the details with you. To get started, you can reach out to us at these channels to speak with a Fido representative. Alternatively, we can send you a PM as well.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Saad,


Thanks for responding to my message. I appreciate it a lot. 


Can you please reach out to me via DM?


Thank you very much.





We'll send you a PM shortly @Bob_Nichols. 😊