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Extremely shocked by the lack of transparency in customer service

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Note: If you had an additional phone line 5$ credit applied to your account, and it was removed after a plan upgrade. Please contact support ASAP and try to get it back. This is an unfair treatement of Fido's customers, and outright scammy behavior.


Hello, it has been a year since I joined Fido, me and the wife for 2 plans and 2 phones.


My wife created the account and chose her plan and phone, then we added a 2nd line for me with a plan and a phone. So naturally, we received a 5$/mo credit, 2GB of bonus data and a 100$ bill credit.


Around 6 months ago, my wife accepted a plan upgrade for a higher $$/mo for more data.


The issue now, is that it seems that the 2GB of bonus data is still remaining in her plan, but the 5$/mo credit was removed.


I contacted customer service to request the 5$/mo credit back. To my shock, they claim that the credit is due to a loyalty discount?? And so, because the plan has changed, the loyalty credit is now removed.

(so much for the $5/MO DISCOUNT FOR 24 MONTHS)


I must say, I am extremely shocked of the lack of transparency of the plan upgrade process AND the innacurate reason of the 5$/mo credit in order to deny putting it back into the account.


It should be clear during the upgrade process, that all plan credit, bonus, will be removed upon upgrades.


What to do?




Hi @soloqday!


Most monthly discounts are indeed linked to the plan and upon changing the plan, are removed. That being said, it's definitely something that you should have been informed of at the time of the plan change. It should have also been mentionned in the email that you received following the plan change. 



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello @FidoFaiza,


the monthly discount isn't some loyalty discount, it is due to adding a 2nd line (which is still there and active), this really doesn't make any sense:


If the 5$/mo discount is removed, then why wasn't the extra 2GB/month from the same discount not removed?


Am I in the twilight zone?

Hey @soloqday! Philippe here.


To explain, some promotions or add-ons may be compatible with the new plan, which appears to be the case with your bonus data. Any offers or add-ons that are not compatible would expire on the date the planis changed.


I hope that helps to clarify things!