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Bill Shock

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been using Fido for close to a year now. Today when logged into account I saw a bill of 540 CAD. It drove me crazy when I realized that I had been using distance calling beyond my limit of free 1000 minutes. I was not informed nor received any triggers to make me aware that the calling is going beyond the free limits. I dono what to do now as this is weird and unethical to suck the blood out of consumers. While there have been constant marketing calls from Fido calling for an upgrade I was never alerted of the usage. 
I called up customer care a couple of times and no help from them till now. Would appreciate if this would be waived off for the first and last time. Happy to chat with the concerned authorities. 

ps pls don't ask me to call up customer care as they are of no use currently.




I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi Smiley

First sorry for your situation Sad

If u have your contract with u, you can contest the bill. But i think you need to pay the bill Sad but next time look at your minutes on Sad

Have a nice day Smiley I hope your situation will be resolved Sad Smiley


Hello @Sarfsyed,


Welcome to the community!


Getting a higher than expected bill can be a bit overwhelming.


Since you have been with Fido for almost a year you should know they never send out notifications in regards to minutes, they do however provide a minute tracker in the app and the onus is on us the customer to ensure we stay within our limit if we do not want to get charged extra.


There is nothing unethical about this and if you made the calls the charges would be valid and you would be responsible for the charges, if you can not pay it all at once no need to call customer service you can reach out to the Credit Operations team and set up a payment arrangement, you can get further information here.