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Data notification

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Beginner question but I can't find the answer anywhere.

How do I get notified that I'm going over my data? 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello CS22,


  Welcome to the community!


  What plan do you have? Many of Fido's newer Talk & Text, and Data plans include Data Overage Protection (except Basic plans). If you have an eligible plan, you should receive notifications when you reach 90% and 100% of your allotted data. Once you've used your full allotment, your data will be paused. Does your plan include Data Overage Protection?


  Customers with older plans (without Data Overage Protection) should also receive alert notifications (70% and 100%, I believe). It should be noted that the notifications are not received exactly in real-time. While the notifications are generated in real-time, with some high-data demand services (ie music or video streaming), it's possible to have exceeded those limits prior to actually receiving the notifications.


  It should also be noted that customers with Data-only plans will not receive alert limit notifications. In addition, I don't think pre-paid customers receive limit notifications either.


  As mentioned previously, customers should also monitor their own data usage via their My Account app or Fido website. It is not advised to solely rely on the device's data usage as there can be a discrepancy between the device measurement and the provider's measurement.


  Hope this helps 😀





Good morning @CS22 , welcome to the community.  There's a couple of ways to monitor your data usage. When you install the Fido app, on the first screen after you log in is the usage page showing you your remaining data. On Fido website once you log in, select my account and scroll down to mobile and you will see your name and phone number, select view usage and manage and this will take you to your dashboard and there it will show you your real time usage. Also, if you qualify for the 5 extra hours of data each month, you can use them anytime you want to prolong your monthly data. You can use them one at a time, for any data based activity for one hour at a time or in multiple sessions. You only get 5 hours a month, but that goes a long way to preserve your data bucket.

So make sure to get the Fido app and you can monitor your account whenever you please. 

Have a great day and again, welcome to the community