Data Issues

Data Issues

Data Issues

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Data Issues

I am curious why when I am out of data, it does not let me use the internet at all compared to other phone companies like T-Mobile, Sprint, Sasktel, Freedom Mobile, etc which will still let you use the internet whenever you are out of data to keep customers’ satisfaction and loyalty even though the internet can be a bit slower than normal. Moreover, they normally offer as much as 30GB and some will give you unlimited data based out of what you do for a living especially for entrepreneurs and that is something someone can utilize a lot knowing that in this time and error, people use a lot of social medias, GPS, etc. which all require internet plus other people use their phones to operate their businesses like Uber,, email response to clients, etc. which requires all internet. Honestly, if this issue does not get resolved or if someone does not make any changes to this, there is a great chance I will be switching phone companies! It really does not make sense to pay that much each month and still struggle keeping up with the internet! I honestly do a lot of business on my phone and this has been slowing me down on making business transactions and operating my businesses without internet on my phone. The worst part is that, whenever I am out of data, Fido will offer me to pay extra money just for more data that does not even last long at all plus the one hour internet thing is no good either because it starts whenever you use it and still counts even though you are not using it! For instance, if I use five minutes which leaves me 55 minutes of using the internet, as a customer I have the right to go about my business and get back to it whenever I want to during the rest of the day to use ten minutes here and thirty minutes there until my one hour is over. But instead of counting the one hour of whenever you actually use the internet, it will still charge you as if you have used it for a while hour even though you have only used a few minutes knowing that you would like to use it later and that is taking advantage of people and poor customer service! What can we do to resolve this issue? I have already started looking at other phone companies that I will be switching over to if this does not get resolved as soon as possible and out of respect, I reached out to Fido first to see if there is something we can do about it before I make any changes on my end and if Fido does not make changes on your end, I will be going to a different phone company! Honestly, there is more than one phone company and I have already found several that will satisfy my needs and demand but out of respect I reached out to Fido first to come to a mutual agreement so that if I leave for another company, everything was transparent why I left and if I stay, you know exactly why. Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon!


Hey @Musa90!


It sounds like you have one of our newer plans, which include Data Overage Protection.


This feature prevents unwanted data overage fees, once you use up your data it gets paused and instead of being charged automatically for more you have the option to purchase more data if you need to. You can confirm that you have this picture via your Fido app, a little shield will show up next to your data usage.


Let us know if it does in fact show that Smiley 


That said, if you often use up all your data we would have to look into options for a plan that offers more. You can do that by contacting us.


I hope that helps!



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Hi @Musa90

Fido sends a  text when you are very near out data

From the link provided above by @FidoNick  ...

We will send you a text message notifying you when you have used 100% of the data allotment included in your plan with the option to purchase more data.


It does turn out more expensive that way but it's an option viable if you rarely need extra data.

An other solution for an entrepreneur right now you can add a line and get a monthly bonus of 2Gb 

You  may also look if you qualify for loyalty bonus Here 


I hope this is useful for you.

All the best!

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Thank you very much for the response, much appreciated and I honestly need at least 30GB of data which Fido does not offer so that is the biggest challenge. The best way to keep long term customers is to personalize each data based on the the personal use since everyone has different needs, some do not need much data while others require a lot of data so offering as much data as 30GB or 64GB would be great options instead of 2GB here and there.

Hello Musa90,


  Welcome to the community!


  The different providers offer different services and options. While it's true that some providers have chosen to offer so-called unlimited data (throttled after allottent has been used), Fido has chosen to offer Data Overage Protection. As far as I am aware, the other flanker brands also do not offer unlimited data.


  The different services and options give customers choice. As you note, different people can utilise different amounts of data. If you need at least 30GB of data monthly, it's curious that you would choose a provider whose maximum data offering is only 10GB.


  Do you live in Saskatchewan? I only ask because you mentioned SaskTel in your original post. If you do, you should note that Freedom Mobile is a regional provider and does not operate networks in that Province. If you do live in a Province where Freedom Mobile is available, are you aware that there might be limits on usage on their so-called Nationwide network (previously named Away)?


Hope this helps 😀




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First things first, thank you for your response and I thank you for the phone service but it seems like you are not getting my point, all I am suggesting is to add 512 kbps to your phone service as part of the package, which is suitable for light web browsing, email and messaging after the regular data runs. Doing so will generate happy long term customers who will bring in referrals and that will put your business in autopilot to where you do not have to worry about advertising or spending money on marketing because their customers’ satisfaction will attract other satisfied customers. That would be the best way to dominate the market since most phone companies do so and that generates more money and more customers plus that grows the company well, which is beneficial for all. Sometimes all it takes is to listen to what the customers are asking for or their demands in order to take the company to another level. All great owners or founders like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc focus more on building long term customers and that comes by taking consideration on the demands of the customers  because without them, there is no business and if you are losing customers, how can you expect your company to last an extra 10 years? Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and listen to what your loyal customers are telling you as well. Put the money aside and put your customers first, doing so will increase your reviews as you can see already Fido has bad reviews already and if you would like to see some change then that is what you need to do. Thank you! 

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Hi @Musa90 

It's a great suggestion -thank you!


I would hope that Mr. Dirk Woessner, president consumer Fido and the likes in upper management and promotions specialists consider it.


Thanks again.


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Hello @Musa90   you're very welcome indeed!


I like my data too I get exactly where you're at ,🙂I have 3 different sources of data myself so no let down.


 Hence Canada standard personal offering is still gaged at approx. 10-12Gb 


There is a demand for higher data but little offering on the regular mobile market still;  it is on the business side.


If I may further suggest meanwhile for the road warrior like you:

1. using your 5 extra hours to the fullest most hungry downloads.. hence you can only use that option every 24 hours and limited to 5x / month.


2. Disable background application running that you do not need when you are on your data plan.


3. log onto others data via hotspot or your own network via wifi location.


I would  ask a moderator

@FidoNick @@@join in the conversation and to contact in further assistance. 


Best regards


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I know all about the data protection plan but the issue is not having internet when I run out of data and the company gives little data coverage plans but expect customer loyalty; most phone companies will still give you internet access after you run out of data will slower speed plus more data coverage based out of how much each person uses the internet since everyone has different demands because they know how vital the internet is these days so that is my problem that needs to be solved!