Data Bytes/5 Extra Hours of Data not reset (2020-10-04)

Data Bytes/5 Extra Hours of Data not reset (2020-10-04)

Data Bytes/5 Extra Hours of Data not reset (2020-10-04)

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Data Bytes/5 Extra Hours of Data not reset (2020-10-04)

My Data Bytes is not reset.

My new billing cycle started Oct 4 but as of today (Oct 7) my account is still showing last month usage and the sessions reset will be in 28 days.


And I cannot find a way to contact Fido.

Can't find the Live Chat link I usually use in past.

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 Hey @Lam338,


Can you please tell us what the error message when you try to start a Data Bytes session?


Do you have the latest version of the app?


Have you deleted the app and reinstalled it? If so is the outcome still the same?


Let us know!

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Im having the same issue, i have the latest version of the app and i tried re-installing the app as well and im seeing the same thing. Any insight would be great as I already couldnt use most of my data bytes during the last billing cycle becuase the button was not visible, and now im having this new issue.

Hey @jdknsjkdf! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thanks for trying all of the above. We'll need to take a closer look at that with you then. You can reach out to us here for that or request a PM from the community.

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Thanks for replying!


All 4 lines of my account have same problem - September Extra Hours not reset.


My wife did call Fido (2020-10-08 Thu morning), tried several things suggested (I didn't ask for details on what have been tried). Eventually the Fido support need to investigate on their side and increase our data temporarily to compensate the lost extra hours due to hours not reset.


Just checked my extra hours (2020-10-11 Sun 23:55), it is now reset to 5 extra-hour sessions available for this new cycle.


Hours reset.

Hopefully Data Bytes will be there next time I need it.

Problem solved.


Thanks again!

Hello @Lam338,


Great! Glad to hear that. 



I'm a Participant Level 2

I'm having the same issue with all 4 of my lines

I've tried all the above ideas... What now? 

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Hey @Skrabu


Welcome to the Community Smiley

When did your billing cycle reset?

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Yes on the 22 of each month

It shows the proper days left in the billing cycle but the incorrect number of data bytes left/used

I'm a Participant Level 2


Did online chat and the Fido rep confirmed my data bytes did reset on their end.. But if I'm not showing it available (greyed out) how can I use them


As of this morning (Oct 25) it now shows the correct data bytes left in the app on all my accounts

I also noticed my bill was ready to view so not sure if that's what triggered the data bytes to reset


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Thanks for the update @Skrabu!


We're aware that for some customers it's taking longer than usual for the extra hours of data to reset. Our teams are working on it! Smiley