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We came for a quick lunch @ Briddlewood and decided to pay our bills.

2 staff @ the front *Janet and Katrina.
*No other customer except our family.

My husband & Janet was doing the transaction.

I saw the protection ad and asked Katrina after I excused myself, who to contact for that service.
*Katrina was in process of doing a connect the dot sheet when she replied with aggravated voice, contact customer service and they will tell you how to do it.

I thanked her and wasn't acknowledge.
As we exit my in-law & our daughter was checking the signage of S6 w/0 dollar for 2yrs and wanted to check/see the phone on the display.

My in-law has bad eye sight and tried to pull it onward to check the model @ the back but couldn't pull the phone, as me and my husband started to pull out the phones to check why the wire was not getting pulled with the phone *with out force.

Katrina rushed from behind the counter with aggravation and yelled, don't do that! Don't pull the phone! You'll break it.

We all looked at each other and asked how we could see/check it out then if we don't touch the phones?!.

Janet then came from the counter and went infront of Katrina to block her because Katrina was being aggressive as we all can see with her body action going towards us *aside from my husband who's 5'7, we're short asian individuals under 5'2, Katrina is big/thick lady..

I reminded both of them that they work as a customer service and we only wanted to check it out and they can informed thier clients with right manner.

Janet started to yell with aggressive voice saying, we are sales not customer service! You won't pay it if it break!!

I told them both that they're hired to service clients not be little them and we all walked away.

Came back in @ the counter to ask for their names.

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Thanks for reporting this . It's definitely not what we want you to experience when you go to one of our locations. Cusomer service is our priority and we want to make your experience as pleasant as can be! 


I'll send you a PM so we can look into this further Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

I haven't gotten any reply regarding this matter..

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So sorry about that Sad


PM coming your way in just a bit.



I'm a Participant Level 2

No follow-up nor resolution as of yet...
Wow... very dissapionting!!! FIDO HAS SUNK REALLY LOW...

Hey @Eregatillo!


I see we spoke to you in PM regarding this and it was flagged on our end Smiley


These situations are handled internally, rest assured it's being looked into!


Don't hesitate if you need anything else.