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Staff complaint

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

As a loyal customer who has used your services for almost 10 years was really so shocked by one of your staff's rude, unreasonable and unbelievable behaviours. I came to a store located in 4300 Steeles Ave East,(Pacific Mall) to pick up my Sim card I ordered online and planned to transfer my phone number back to Fido. A guy named Jonathan came to me and seemd to help me at first by typing my verfied information on computer. However, he told me the system did not work and something was wrong with it, so I was not able to pick up my Sim card. He told me to call customer service centre for help. I called, but they told me everything was fine and the staff is the person who should call their help line as this is their regular routine to figure out the issue. I went back to the store and told him what I was told. But what he said was "I already tried, but it did not work, so there is no way to call them." 

I: But they said there might be something wrong with it, so if you call them, it might be solved. 

He: The people work for that line have finished their job for today.(When she said it, it was around 5:30 PM EST)

I: No, they told me they did not.

He: I am not going to make the call. 

I: Why?

He: There is no reason, and we cannot help you here, why you do not try another store?

I: I am here, why I go to another store? You are here, you are supposed to do what you should do. 

He: Why are you here?

I: I am here to pick my card.

He: You cannot pick it up from here, you better to try another store. 

I: You just call them and find out the solution. 

He: I am not going to make the call.

I: Where is the manager?

He: I am not going to tell you who the manager is.

Then, he went to office and came back in seconds. And the only difference was he took off his name card and left it in the office and came back to shoot at me to get me off the store. 

Then, I thought I should make a voice record to upload it to Youtube to let anybody know what he said.

When he saw I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, he came to me to grab my cell phone and my arm and tried to push me out of the store. Then, there was a security guard saw him and came to the store to try to stop him. The security guard even asked him to make a phone call to figure out the issue, but he refused to do so by saying there is no reason. 

I have dealt many rude people before, but there is no even one person who looked like him. It does not make sense that he refused to help customers to do his business. I still do not understand why he refused to call for help as they do it everytime when they are stuck. I am even not sure whether the system really did not work. It is my first time to see him. I had no problem with him before. And we spoke the same language rather than English, so there was no way we could misunderstand each other. I have the record to show what he said he refused to call without any reasons and the moment when he came to grab my cell phone and pushed me. I was just wondering is this kind of service accepted by Fido? This time, he can refuse to help me withour any reasons and push me out. What is next, cursing and punching customers? Do we, customers really owe you, Fido? 


Hello @huitang , that sounds like a disturbing interaction. Fido would not want you to have this experience. Did you report this to Fido customer support? If you go Here and scroll to the bottom, you will see a link to report your concerns. I hope you find a resolution.