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Curious re credit check and payments

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I'm new to Fido and got to wondering, especially after my first bill (paying for one month before I use it as well as the month I did use)... If Fido plans are all prepaid, why the credit check, especially on BYOD? I'm not angry, I just don't get it. Also why are there specified prepaid plans, if they all are prepaid? Not deal breakers, just eyebrow raisers


Also curious if anyone's ever had auto payment/renewal fail (with a proper up to date card)? My former carrier public mobile, a bunch of people there suggested adding funds to your account a few days before your renewal as the odd time, the system has hiccuped and people were sometimes unknowingly cut off the next day until they realize and process a manual payment. Is this something I need to worry about here? Has this ever happened when it wasn't that the card was expired? I always did manual adding funds there to ensure connection remained


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Senior MVP

Hello Advocate4Change,


  Since you've received a bill, that would indicate you have post-paid services. You should note with post-paid plans, services are paid for the upcoming month. I understand that might seem counter-intuitive since post usually refers to after. I think the term might refer to receiving a monthly bill stating any accumulated additional charges during the month (see definitions here and here). While the plan fee is charged prior to each month, overages and additional charges show after each month.


  You should note that your billing cycle would have started a few days after you activated services. For each billing cycle, there would be additional charges from your previous month plus the monthly fee for your upcoming month (note that any financing would be additional). However, since it was your first bill, your additional charges would have included prorated monthly fees for your few days of service (see here).


  On the other hand, with pre-paid services one can only use additional services provided there are sufficient funds in the account.


  As an example, if you made an International long-distance call with a post-paid plan, the charges for that call would be included as additional charges in your following bill. On the contrary, you would not be able to make an International long-distance call with a pre-paid plan unless there were already sufficient funds in your account.


  Similarly, on plans without Data Overage Protection, some post-paid customers were able to accumulate rather large data overage charges on their following bills. Conversely, pre-paid customers would have needed to add money to their account in order to use additional services.


  I personally have not had any issue with payment processing. However, the situation would also be different from pre-paid services. As I attempted to explain, pre-paid services need to have sufficient funds in your account prior to being able to use services. That's the reason why some people noted they were cut-off from their services when their payments did not go through.


  With post-paid services though, if a payment does not go through your services would not be affected. However, if they do not receive payment by your due date, late fees may incur as well as additional administrative charges. That said repeated non-payment may lead to suspension.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Do you happen to know, if you've signed up for auto pay, how far before the due date payment is taken? If something were to go wrong payment wise, is there any sort of grace period to be able to fix things? I know it's probably rare that there might be a hiccup in the system or something but just checking

I like to say you what happend. Right now I am in Europe. Before I went I called to fido and say about my trip to Europe. I just amayzing when I got your bils. I didn't use any time Fido and I don't know from where you take those strange bils? Not my felt and I can't pay those bills. Becouse I loose trust to your service feel free to cancel my account becouse I don't have pay for those amount taking from the sky!

Wieslaw Beranek

Hey @wiesiekberanek!


The goal of our Community is to offer peer-to-peer support, therefore, if you need to make changes to your account or review your bills, we suggest you call us or reach out on social media. As much as we would hate to see you go, we will need to speak to you directly if you need to cancel your account. You can find our contact information here

Hello again,


  Firstly, you should note that Fido has changed the payment due date to 21 days after the bill date (see here). As far as I am aware, the automatic payment withdrawal occurs approximately 14 days after the monthly bill is issued (see here).


  Even with the changed payment due date, there should be a few days leeway before the payment is due.


Hope this helps 😀