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Automatic CC payment and lack of account credit

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I signed up, based off prompts from my Fido App, which advised that if I register for automatic payments, I would get a credit applied to my account of $5 per month. So far, 3 months of billing, no credit applied, 3 calls, hours spent on hold and being transferred to wrong departments. Fido still can't figure it out or just give me the credit; let alone all my time spent already with this and getting nowhere. Why promote something, to get your money, then no credit as promised and no one in your support team can figure out why? 



Hey @Andreas2!


We're sorry to read about your recent experience. Our new and existing customers can get the discount when changing a plan to an Automatic Payments Discount eligible plan and signing up for Automatic Payments (this promotion is subject to change). We would need to access your account to see your eligibility. 


The goal of our Community is to offer peer-to-peer support, therefore, if you need to speak with a Fido representative, we suggest you call us or reach out on social media. You can find our contact information here.