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I know most have newer devices and it doesn't matter due to volte - but I'm just wondering if anyone else still on the old tech has noticed a significant reduction in being able to hear the other end, while in the same location? I switched *for* the ...
I was reading a bit last night about this concept... I'm just wondering what Fido has in place to avoid this? Are there things I can do at all? Sorry if this has been asked a bunch. Just wondering what the current methods are. I have no current reaso...
Just curious if there's a new version of spam calls? The past 4 days I've gotten 3 private calls. I never answer if I don't know who it is. 2 no voicemail at all, 3rd very quick silent voicemail. Obviously not someone I know.  The voicemail text thin...
I'm new to Fido and got to wondering, especially after my first bill (paying for one month before I use it as well as the month I did use)... If Fido plans are all prepaid, why the credit check, especially on BYOD? I'm not angry, I just don't get it....
Was just curious if this is possible? I know you can see it if you log in online, but I was curious if there's a 611 option to check as well? Can't help but wonder if it might be faster - if the option does exist 樂